Do’s and Don’t for Dressing at a Wedding

Attending a Wedding

Weddings are a beautiful and exciting event that we all love to be part of. There are some obvious and some not so obvious outfits that anyone should avoid when attending a wedding. Firstly the most common thing is to never wear white at a wedding.

This is the bride’s color. If the bride decides to wear a different color you still want to stay away from white. Usually there is a dress code to follow but you do not want to show up wearing flip flops even if the dress code is casual.

Beautiful beach weddings are very popular but even then you want to wear formal shoes and if you walk in the sand you can take off your shoes. Most of the time everyone also takes off their shoes when dancing after the ceremony. Leave the mom jeans at home. Wearing jeans at a wedding is a big no, you might be rocking them going out on weekends but this is certainly not the best place to be wearing them. It is too casual to try and make them work. The name for prom dresses are set so you know where it is appropriate to wear them, they should not be worn at a wedding you will certainly stand out but not in the way you would want to. You also want to avoid over-dressing like when wearing a prom dress to a wedding. There is a big variety of dress styles to choose from like a midi dress or a maxi dress you have a wide selection. These types of dress styles can be for formal or casual dress codes, that is what makes them so popular. Never try to wear shorts to the event. It will not work even if you have the most expensive pair on. Do not wear something that reveals too much. There are a lot of things that we should try and avoid wearing to a wedding but there are also a lot of ideas on what you can wear.

How to accessories

You should always choose your outfit before accessories. Depending on what outfit you wear you can then start to add on. You need to determine if the outfit is busy or plain before starting to choose accessories. Determining that will make your choice of accessories easier and also help you make the wrong decision. If your choice of outfit is more busy you want to keep your accessories plain and keep it few. You do not want everything to be busy, there should be a balance in selecting your pieces. It should all fit once you put it on. Too much will make everything look bad, you’d rather have less on but still look classy. A busy outfit can have a plain necklace with stud earrings for example. For a plain outfit you can dazzle it more and put more on. The main thing to remember is that you do not want to overdo anything. Accessories can make or break an outfit.

When you know what you want to wear you can try everything on just to make sure it all comes together the way you wanted it to. The best way to style is to put it on and see if it works. There are so many ways to accessories. It is not only your jewelry but your purse, shoes, scarfs selection. There are so many ideas on accessories. Accessories might be a small aspect but it can bring your outfit together or it can make it look bad.

Make up do or don’t

With weddings and other big events like this we all do put a bit more makeup on for the photos and because it is an event to dress up. The biggest problem with putting on makeup is the foundation not matching your face. Spending time to find the right color is very important because you do not want to look like a ghost but you also do not want to look like an orange. The color you choose to put on your eyes should not be bright shocking colors that will make it look like you’re going to a nightclub more than going to a wedding. Take your time when you’re busy doing your eyeshadow. This should fade in together and not look like it was slapped on. The color should also work with the outfit that you’re wearing. If you decide on a dark color on your eyes it should be done very carefully. Applying makeup is a very skillful technique that takes a lot of practice to perfect but once you get it right it will be hard to forget.

Lipstick choices can also depend on your eyeshadow color. It also should fit with all the other colors you are wearing. Make sure when applying your makeup you do it in the right light. Applying lashes can also turn into a difficult aspect if you’re not familiar with it but if you know how to do it it is very easy. Remember when applying your lashes to put enough glue on so it doesn’t fall off during the wedding. If a professional is doing your makeup you should focus on what they are doing so that you can get tips and learn new ways of doing things. The best way to learn is seeing for yourself what they do differently. Professional makeup artists do this everyday so you might just pick up more than a few tips. If you do not have a professional doing your make up there are a lot of videos of professionals showing their skills and giving out tips on not only about applying makeup but also helping you find the right color and matching colors together for ideas when you might need them. The important thing is to take the time to practice. It may take a while to get the hang of things but it will become easier as you go.


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