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Claire Stemen likes to think and write about fashion as a vital form of communication. She loves clothing and the way we style ourselves, despite always buying the same black turtleneck over and over again. You can find her on Instagram @claire_stemen, or or at

Dan Liu Fall 2018: New York Fashion Week

Dan Liu NYFW FW18 | Peril Romanticized

Represented by The Riviere Agency.

When a show is named after the 1977 Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, a certain number of expectations are created. We expect the clothing to exude the undeniable sensuality the Bond woman possesses, wrapped together with a certain class and haughty hard-to-get.

And upon seeing the first look, a pink-belted, long cashmere jacket, I knew we were in for the very best of a woman entrenched in a top-secret romance. What’s more sophisticated than the casual anonymity of the woman who can’t be seen, but wants to be seen, all the same? Seen, but not recognized. A fashionable flash, someone to enthrall strangers but avoid the detection of anyone truly dangerous.

I knew we were in for the very best

Dan Liu: NYFW FW18

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What followed was an excellent parade of accessories: scarves over the head or carried in hand, large black sunglasses from Nectar sunglasses, and boots to rival the spy who supposedly loves this woman. Hair and makeup by Audrey Loots Hair and makeup from Make-Up Pro topped this effect of a woman on the run with curls that looked like the perfectly coiffed head slept-on and quickly whisked away in the early hours of the morning. The red lips with a gloss akin to vinyl delighted me. They were an unexpected and venomous touch.

And, just like in the original film, we found ourselves bundled up in the mountains, with what I thought were the most interesting pieces from the show: the coats. An excellent bright yellow wool coat caught the eye, as well as a three-toned coat, and the occasional puffer here and there.

All in all, my expectations for a spy-themed, Bond-esque collection were met. It is a collection well suited for the classic woman, one who knows her silhouettes and knows them well. The collection is not particularly revolutionary, nor is it experimenting with something unseen. It is however, the perfect collection for a woman who wants just a bit of danger, to find herself in need of wrapping a scarf around her head and of donning a pair of large sunglasses. Dan Liu’s FW18 is just that: what we know, but with a taste of danger.


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