Coziest Underwear You Can Buy Right Now

Coziest Underwear You Can Buy Right Now

One can only imagine how long it would take Goldilocks to pick out a pair of underwear. “This one is too tight” she complains while tugging at the sides. “This one rides up,” she says as she yanks it back down.

So, what exactly goes into creating the coziest underwear then? Which ones will comfort your crotch and which will grind your groin. Well, after considering these cozy pieces of underwear, Goldilocks will finally say: “this one fits just right”.

Considering you get up close and personal with your undies all day every day, underwear is very much a personal preference. Cut, style, color, it’s all up to you. Luckily there is something for everyone on the market today and there are a few key points to consider when updating your intimates drawer.
Material can make or break a pair of underwear and in most cases, cotton is key. This natural fiber is highly breathable and helps control the temperature down there. Many artificial fibers are made using petroleum or harsh chemicals which can irritate sensitive skin. There are also cotton blends that still offer many of the benefits of pure cotton and a synthetic material like Rayon also includes natural polymers which mimic cotton.

Cozy Underwear in Every Style

Best All-round cozy underwear:


The cheeky cut is ideal for any body shape and is sexy, flattering, and comfortable all at once. The concave curves of the backside fit snugly on your natural curves and the waistband is thick enough to stay while looking sexy too.

EBY: Cheeky Underwear

EBY has combined science and fashion to design a line of seamless panties that can breathe, stretch, and move all while being totally invisible. What is cozier than feeling (and looking) like you aren’t wearing anything underneath. Even better is, it maintains its shape even after multiple washes thanks to the elasticity of the fabric. No more saggy bottom drawers! Also, check out their seamless bralettes, talk about comfort!

Boy Cut:

Boy cut panties look great on square figures or more athletic bodies. Pear-shaped ladies will find that you lose the square shape of the underwear and they just start riding up as soon as you leave the house.

Comando: Minimalist Boyshorts

Commando creates incredibly comfortable underwear as their raw cut edges prevent the underwear from digging in or creating bulges. These panties are made from a modal fabric blend that includes cotton and spandex, creating a breathable and stretchy material. They come in 3 essential colors; black, white, and nude.

Classic Briefs:

Classic briefs have gained a bad reputation as being unflattering but apple and hourglass-shaped bodies actually crave this cut. It hugs you in all the right places and can give you complete and comfortable coverage. Bikini briefs fall in the same family but ride lower on the hips and are very flattering on a triangle body.

Calvin Klein: Bikini Bottoms

What is more classic than a pair of Calvins. You can lounge around in these for days or even let that logo peek out a tad for some extra swag. The iconic waistband will keep your briefs in place and the ultra-soft material is what underwear dreams are made of.

Negative: Whipped High Rise

What is cozier than your boyfriend’s sweatshirt? His underwear of course! Negative has updated classic tighty whities to create these fashion-forward briefs that scream comfort. The drop needle stitching creates a vertical striped pattern in the material that is both nostalgic and comfortable and they have thrown in a few color combinations for good measure.


Thongs can be your best friend or your worst enemy. There are many different styles and if you don’t choose wisely, you will suffer dearly. Ladies with more curves should opt for a thong with a thicker waistband, whether it is lace or elastic. This will help ensure it doesn’t cut into your skin. Also, ensure that the crotch area is lined with cotton for optimal comfort.

If you’re looking for sustainable and eco-friendly underwear, WAMA Hemp Underwear is organic, anti-bacterial, and also super comfortable to wear.

Savage x Fenty: High Waist Thong

Rihanna has gone and done it again, this time she reinvented the thong. This thong is all business in the front, you get full coverage, a scalloped waistband that sits comfortably above the hip, and beautiful lace detailing. There is also a party in the back as the scalloping continues around and the rear of the panties have a gradual narrowing that will make your booty pop.


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