American Vintage Tributo T-Shirt Blanc

American Vintage Tributo Alla Tee-shirt Blanc

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Immortalized in London, our trio of friends explores the idea of freedom applied to clothing for autumn-winter 2019-2020.

London Incognito

Some will recognize the features of Angèle Metzger, who we already spotted in the streets of Marseille for summer 2019, captured by the lens of photographer Julia Champeau and the camera of Thomas Lachambre. Now accompanied by Mathilde Warnier and Connor Newall, she forms a new clique that reclaims the urban setting. We follow this inseparable trio through the alleys and stalls of a London in slow motion, almost shot incognito.

American Vintage Tributo Alla Tee-shirt Blanc

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Street life

Under the bold lights of the city, their smiles warm up winter and echo the bright shades of their endlessly layered fabrics. Hyacinth, bush, clementine, stormy grey. Nestled in these knits and canvases that they’ll keep all their lives, their bodies revel in new freedom and celebrate comfort designed to last. Urban, natural, unisex and always timeless, their relaxed movements reveal each personality and never conceal it. For truly personal clothing to keep forever.


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