Acclaimed U.S. Jeweler Ri Noor Announces the Debut of Evaness by Ri Noor

In honor of National Best Friends Day (June 8), acclaimed U.S. jeweler Ri Noor is announcing the debut of Evaness by Ri Noor. This new fine jewelry brand features a collaborative collection concept designed to celebrate the connection between mothers and daughters, siblings, cousins and close friends.

Designer Shibani Shinde Patil has created 60 beguiling charms and pendants made in 14k gold and accented with diamonds, precious gems, or inlays of malachite, lapis, onyx and more. Together, these designs invite families and friends to amass a collaborative jewelry collection, one that brings infinite opportunities for all involved to wear and treasure the pieces through the ages.

Evaness is named for Patil’s daughter Eva, and the suffix speaks to the “ness” in togetherness, closeness, kindness, happiness, and other words that encapsulate a larger theme of connection—and the special bond between mothers and daughters. The dynamics and the particulars of the relationship may shift over time, but the intimacy that exists between mothers and daughters is ever-present and everlasting.

Evaness is named for Patil’s daughter Eva, and the suffix speaks to the “ness” in togetherness, closeness, kindness, happiness

“Evaness gives the seasoned collector the chance to share her passion for jewelry with the next generation,” says Patil. “And it’s not just for mothers and daughters. Anyone can use our charms to create a tapestry of moments and memories, stories and wishes to be worn and enjoyed in the moment and treasured for years to come.”

Patil has focused the launch collection on symbols that lend themselves to unique and personal interpretations, from hearts and stars to suns and clouds. The gemstone eggs are a standout, capturing the magic of finding a bird’s nest or a fallen robin’s egg on a garden path while also serving as a symbol of hope, luck, and life itself. As such, all Evaness charms are ideal for gifting on milestone birthdays, graduations, bridal events, and for celebrating any personal accomplishment. All pieces are fully engravable.

Patil adds, “My children have always inspired much of the work I do as a jewelry designer, and after spending so much time with them during the pandemic, I found that instead of stifling my creativity, they were enabling it in the most delightful of ways. The fairy stories I read to them at night—Alice in Wonderland is a family favorite—and the warmth and good humor with which they greet the world all surface in the collection’s motifs.”

My children have always inspired much of the work I do

Ri Noor is a Houston, Tx.-based fine jewelry brand founded in 2016. Known for reimagining classic art deco motifs with a fresh, contemporary point of view, designer Shibani Shinde Patil also draws on the rich jewelry traditions of her Indian heritage, selecting the finest diamonds and colored gemstones and partnering with best-in-class artisans to bring her creations to life. Patil balances her thriving jewelry business with her greatest inspiration—her two small children, Rishi and Eva. Ri Noor has received editorial recognition in several publications including British Vogue, JCK, and The Baltimore Sun and is currently sold on 1st Dibs and other high-end jewelry retailers worldwide. Patil is proud to introduce Evaness—a brand of giftable charm jewelry—to its ever-expanding operations in the U.S. and abroad.


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