9 Empowering Romanian Brands Make a Statement at Project Tokyo

Get ready to be amazed as the Romanian fashion industry takes on the global stage, this time at Project Tokyo, that will take place on the 15th and 16th of March 2023, at the Tokyo International Forum.

Romanian fashion is a testament to the artistry and skill of its manufacturing heritage. With a powerful industry behind it, the world’s top brands have entrusted the creation of their most intricate and exclusive collections to this formidable expertise. The result is not just creative designs, but exceptional craftsmanship, a perfect synthesis that has become an essential part of Romanian fashion’s DNA.

1. Irina Schrotter
Wear style. Be bold. Get empowered.

Irina Schrotter is a true visionary in the fashion world, pushing boundaries and igniting the senses with her striking designs. Her avant-garde silhouettes are the epitome of refinement and class, infused with impeccable craftsmanship that transforms each piece into a wearable work of art.

Bold and daring, she has shattered the stereotypes of traditional fashion and created a world where women are empowered to be confidently and unapologetically themselves. With each creation, Irina Schrotter weaves together the threads of tradition and modernity, crafting a unique and cohesive vision that is wholly her own. Her designs exude modern sophistication, refined elegance, and innovative details that are sure to inspire and captivate.

With over 30 years of experience in fashion and creative industries and a consistent presence in over 17 countries, Irina Schrotter is a creative force that will continue to inspire generations of women to come, and her bold and daring approach will forever change the fashion landscape.

E : office@irinaschrotter.com
W : www.irinaschrotter.com

2. Nissa
What should I wear today?

With a focus on quality fabrics, classic silhouettes, and contemporary ready-to-wear designs, Nissa (Demiuma Comimpex) is a fashion brand that exudes elegance, sophistication, and creativity. Their designs are both luxurious and accessible, tailored for women who want to feel confident and beautiful. From chic cocktail dresses to sophisticated suits, Nissa’s collections are versatile and designed to make a statement of strength, beauty, and grace.

What sets Nissa apart is their attention to detail. From the quality of the fabrics to the precision of the cuts, each garment is a true masterpiece. Nissa has 15 shops, in Romania, USA, Ireland, England, Poland, Russia and the Middle East. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Nissa values people and the environment. The brand is dedicated to sustainable and ethical practices, so you can be sure that, while buying a beautiful garment, you also contributing to a better world.

E : export@nissa.com
W : www.nissa.com

3. Nissa One
Your style, our story

Driven by passion for elegance, femininity, quality and creativity, Nissa ONE (Nissa Manufacture) is redefining the way we think about garment manufacturing. With its cutting-edge technology, Nissa Manufacture is a hub of creativity and innovation, where designers and artisans come together to create something truly unique. Their garments are not just beautiful, they are also functional and comfortable, designed to empower and inspire the people who wear them.

Committed to having a positive impact on people and the environment, Nissa is dedicated to sustainable and ethical practices in the manufacturing process. Their supply chain is certified by SMETA (Sedex Members of Ethical Trade Audit). Thus, at Nissa Manufacture fashion meets purpose, creating a brand that is as inspiring as it is innovative.

E : shop@nissa.ro
W : www.nissa.ro

4. Venera Arapu
Where style meets sophistication

Combining post-modernity, natural confidence and femininity, Venera Arapu (Clemat Design) is at the forefront of innovation and creativity. Their designs are daring, unexpected, and boldly incorporate a range of unconventional materials and textures to create a look that is truly unique. Clemat Design embodies the spirit of inclusivity and diversity, making clothing that is accessible to everyone and celebrates individuality, passion, and purpose.

Venera Arapu launched her own fashion house under her name in 1999, after the great success at Paris Fashion Week, in 1999. She worked closely with Alexander McQueen for Givenchy and was appointed as part of the Creative Team for Paule Ka in Paris. With presence in luxury boutiques such as Le Bon Marché, Barney’s and Harvey Nichols, Venera Arapu is a brand with a truly global audience. Her collections are now distributed to fashion destinations in over 20 countries.

Venera Arapu’s designs are a reflection of her devoted passion for creativity and her commitment to making the world a better place. She inspires us to be bold, daring, and socially conscious, and to use fashion as a tool for positive change.

E : office@venera-arapu.com.ro
W : www.venera-arapu.com

5. DeCorina Hats
Be You-nique! Designed for authentic people.

DeCorina Hats combines slow fashion and design, millinery craftsmanship and equestrian tradition. Each hat carries forward the brand creator’s energy. Corina Leca is in love with shapes! Her hats are worn by celebrities and are featured on the covers Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle, and other international fashion magazines.

Using both computerized equipment and antique machines, as old as 1850, DeCorina designs are a true testament to the power of self-expression, individuality, and creativity. Each hat is a masterpiece, and a statement of who you are and what you stand for. While dedicated to beauty and quality, DeCorina Hats is also committed to sustainability.

All the materials used in the manufacturing process are natural materials, some of them hand-woven and all of them ethically sourced. DeCorina Hats are a true work of art, reminding us that fashion is not just about what you wear, but how it makes you feel.

E : contact@decorinahats.com
W : www.decorinahats.com

6. Ioana Ciolacu
Unique style for uniquely you.

Ioana Ciolacu (Skindrome) is a sustainable womenswear fashion label that embodies the spirit of individuality and innovation. Taking inspiration from architecture and nature, and combining signature graphics with tailoring techniques, Ioana creates designs that are both modern and alluring. Her work shows a perfect fusion of classic sophistication and modern edge, creating a unique aesthetic that is both timeless and contemporary.

With a focus on shape, proportion and craftmanship, every piece created by Ioana is a work of art designed to celebrate the individuality and uniqueness of every human being. Ioana has had 7 international runaways shows, 12 exhibitions, has been featured in 18 highly-esteemed international publications, and has been nominated for numerous awards (such as 4 nominess as BEST DESIGNER by Elle Style Awards) and has won some prestigious ones (such as the BigSEE Grand Prix Award and the BIgSEE Fashion Design Award in 2020).

With a focus on ethical and environmentally-friendly practices, Ioana Ciolacu is an inspiration to us all, proving that fashion can be both beautiful and responsible, and that there is a better way to create clothing that benefits everyone involved.

E : hello@ioanaciolacu.com
W : www.ioanaciolacu.com

7. Paisi
Wrap yourself in cozy!

Paisi (Zen Art Services), a fashion brand launched in Romania a decade ago, has been making waves with its timeless and sophisticated garments for confident and accomplished women. Now, the brand has set its sights on promoting innovative materials, with shearling and wool shearling at the forefront of its offerings, boasting a unique texture created on a soft base using sophisticated technology. Each collection brings a range of easy-to-wear, versatile, and trendy garments.

Paisi has managed to refine comfortable styles, infusing couture cuts into its designs. Notably, the brand has won the hearts of stars and influencers alike with its perfect blend of glamour and playfulness. Paisi’s latest collection, Cream Dream, is a versatile offering that is sure to make any woman stand out. With its commitment to innovative materials, versatile designs, and a perfect blend of glamour and playfulness, Paisi has caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts and is undoubtedly a brand to keep an eye on.

E : contact@paisishop.ro
W : www.paisishop.ro

8. CIM
Clothes that make you feel good

CIM (Confecții Integrate Moldova) is a true gem in the fashion industry. With a steadfast commitment to responsible fashion production, CIM is creating designs that reflect a rich cultural heritage. CIM’s team of skilled artisans expertly combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, to produce high-quality fabrics and garments that are both stylish and functional, yet also innovative and sustainable.

Their Homebody collection is about clothes that you can wear all day and still feel at ease and well put together. The pieces are crafted from natural, soft fabrics and designed with easy-to-wear cuts and an exquisite attention to detail. Rather than catering to a glamorous lifestyle, these clothes are intended for a more relaxed, mindful way of living. Weaving together creativity, innovation, and responsibility, CIM inspires businesses around the world, one garment at a time.

E : office@cimiasi.ro
W : www.cimiasi.ro

9. MySimplicated
Wear your unique design with pride!

MySimplicated (Customisable Simplicated) is taking customization to a whole new level! By championing individuality and self-expression, the brand is empowering customers to create something that is uniquely theirs. Their dedication to simplicity and minimalism is evident in every design, with a focus on clean lines, classic silhouettes, and timeless pieces that never go out of style.

In addition to in-house printing and sewing, the brand’s creation of its own Meta Human, called Ana Tobor, reflects its commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity beyond conventional fashion practices. The brand’s dedication to innovation and creativity goes hand in hand with their pledge to promote sustainability and ethical practices.

From the materials they carefully select to the meticulous processes they employ, their commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of their business. MySimplicated inspires us to embrace our uniqueness and celebrate our differences, leading the way in creating a more personalized and sustainable future.

E : office@mysimplicated.com
W : www.mysimplicated.com

Sponsorship and Project Lead

With their enduring commitment to creativity, sustainability, and innovation, FIT, the Future in Textiles Association, and The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism in Romania are at the forefront of championing Romanian fashion brands on the global stage. In so doing, they are fostering a vibrant and dynamic global fashion community and a thriving and competitive business environment.

By being given the opportunity to showcase their talents at the esteemed Tokyo Fashion Week, Romanian designers are making a significant impact. This paves the way for a future where fashion becomes more than just an expression of beauty and inspiration, as it also becomes a catalyst for social change and economic empowerment.

Project Coordinator

Exploratist is a brand and employee experience agency with an intense passion for creating unparalleled B2B, B2C, and B2E events. We focus on businesses and individuals, alike, to create experiences with a lasting impact and set our clients up for success. In over a decade, we have delivered outstanding brand activations at numerous festivals, fairs, and events – organized internationally and with a global audience of 500-5000 people.

We often broadcast our events on Digital Stage, a high-end US online event platform we brought to Romania. We have launched Project Atom, a finely tuned ecosystem of integrated experiential marketing services that blend complementary expertise to deliver personalized, agile, and end-to-end solutions and create brand experiences that are truly unique, make an everlasting impression and have a sustainable effect.


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