8 Tips For Fighting Tired Eyes

8 Tips For Fighting Tired Eyes

Tiredness, stress, anxiety, lack of sleep are a few reasons that leave a negative impact on your eyes and cause puffiness, dark circles, irritation, and make them watery.

At other times, it could be due to the allergens in the environment or dust particles that could trigger a reaction in you paired with frequent computer/laptop users who face all kinds of problems in their eyes.

Surprisingly, eating habits, smoking, and alcohol play a significant role in your eye health too.

Eyecare is one of the most neglected parts of health and beauty. However, if you notice a few eye irregularities, it is time to start taking proper care of them as soon as possible. Here are some tips which will help alleviate the problem and bring back the sparkle in your eye.

Eyes cream

In addition to the harshness of sunlight, which makes tired eyes even more apparent, fatigue itself can also contribute to their appearance. Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance that may help against premature wrinkling and puffy eyes without drying your skin.

While many products on the market specifically target the appearance of dark circles, they are temporary fixes and won’t have any long-term benefits. A natural caffeine eye cream is a much-preferred option when dealing with these issues.

Blot an under eye cream that will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, under-eye bags, and puffiness while tightening the upper eyelid.

Eat Right

The right type of nutritious diet rich in iron and restricting fats, sugar, and salt will help reduce the sagging skin below your eyes.
There are various fruits and vegetables like a banana that helps remove the excess salt that retains in the body, spinach that boosts collagen production, beets to increase blood circulation, nuts and seeds with anti-aging properties, etc.

Say no to black

The use of black eyeliner should be avoided due to the tiring of eyes; you will blink a lot to relieve yourself of the strain causing the color to spread in the under-eye, making them more prominent and visible to others.

As a replacement, it is recommended to use the neutral color eyeliner.

Save yourself from the sun

Regular sunlight is what the body needs, but too much exposure to the UV rays causes the collagen to reduce drastically, resulting in weak and dull skin under the eyes.

Stop rubbing

The constant feeling of tiredness in the eyes makes us rub them more, leading to darkening skin under them. To refrain from this habit, use lukewarm water and gently sprinkle to relax the eyes muscles.

Exercise your eyes

There are beneficial and easy exercises for the eyes that you can do during any time of the day, like gently opening and closing them, moving them upside down and sideways, and moving around the eyeballs to strengthen the muscles.

Mask them up

A good homemade eye mask will cool off the area under the skin and help in lightening up the dark circles.

Give them rest

It would help if you gave your eyes rest from excessive smartphones, laptops, and TV screens.


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