7 Astonishing Facts About Herbal Teas

As a beverage, tea is a formidable competitor to coffee and has more than five thousand years of history.

The latest trend joining the bandwagon is herbal tea! It is the ultimate drink to help you relax, recover and refresh in almost a miraculous way. Here, we share some exciting and astonishing facts about herbal teas that would compel you to make them an essential part of your daily diet.

1. Herbal tea is not actual tea.

You will be surprised to know that what we call herbal tea is not tea. Tea is all those drinks that are made from the Camellia sinensis plant. Its leading examples are black tea, green tea, oolong tea, etc. In contrast, herbal teas are all those drinks that are made from a variety of dried flowers, herbs, fruits, and spices. You have innumerable flavors of tea-style herbal infusions. Today, they trend all over the globe, be it China, Africa, Asia, and even America and Europe.

2. Herbal teas do not give you a ‘caffeine crash.’

We all know that both tea and coffee contain a compound, ‘caffeine.’ It has several benefits, provided you consume it in moderation. Drinking more than 4-5 cups of tea a day can be detrimental to your health as they give you a ‘caffeine crash.’

In contrast, herbal teas lack caffeine, and thus you can drink more than five cups of it without facing any such problems. On the contrary, it renders you several health benefits. It is also an ideal beverage for those who are sensitive to caffeine.

3. Types of herbal teas

Like regular types, there are several varieties of herbal teas. Broadly, they are classified as:

Fruit teas and herbal blends

These tisanes are crafted from a blend of fruits, spices, and herbs. Examples of these herbal drinks include peppermint tea, chamomile tea, hibiscus tea, etc. Since various herbs are blended after plenty of research and combinations, it offers virtually unlimited possibilities and several health benefits. For instance, Sunday Scaries CBD benefits are raved about like never before.


A new entrant to the tisane scene, Rooibos or ‘Red Bush Tea’/’Red Tea’ is exclusively derived from a plant native to South Africa. The drink is revered for its antioxidants and has a rich, slightly rich flavor that tastes delicious stand-alone and blends with other herbs and spices.

Yerba mate

It is crafted from a holly family that hails from South America and has an unnatural herby taste. Unlike most herbal infusions, this herbal drink has some caffeine content but still renders several health benefits.

4. Tisanes are calorie-free

Herbal teas are your best friend to stay hydrated and help in weight loss. Like water, they are calorie-free. Hence, they are a lip-smacking replacement to water to remain hydrated. Furthermore, tisanes have plenty of antioxidants and several other compounds that help you lose weight effortlessly. Also, visit Best law firm for law-related issues of the business.

5. It helps to de-stress and unwind.

Many herbal drinks have amazing calming effects and can help you de-stress, relax and rejuvenate. It also aids in better sleep. There are prescription medicines available for stress and anxiety, but they have unpleasant side effects. Herbal drinks are a great alternative and constitute one of the best natural remedies to relax and calm you. Few herbal drinks to combat sleep disorders, anxiety, and stress are peppermint tea, chamomile tea, passionflower tea, valerian tea, etc.

6. Herbal teas pack plenty of health benefits.

Herbal teas are not only delicious and pleasurable to drink, but they pack plenty of health benefits. A few of them are:

  • They boost your immune system. Many herbal teas like dandelion, ginseng, ginger, licorice root tea, etc., are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, etc., and have strong antifungal and antibacterial properties. Cumulatively, they strengthen your immunity system and help fight many diseases.
  • Herbal teas like turmeric tea, feverfew tea, rooibos, etc., are excellent to alleviate body pains and soreness, including headaches and migraines. They are better than prescription medicines and do not carry their side effects.
  • Herbal teas strengthen your digestive system by increasing the blood flow to the digestive tract, absorbing gas, flushing out free radicals, increasing metabolic rate, enhancing the absorption of nutrients, etc. Hibiscus tea, chamomile tea, ginger tea, etc., are amongst the best drinks to consume for proper digestion.
  • They stimulate brain function and help in keeping them active and alert. They also help in strengthening your memory.
  • Herbal teas keep you energetic.
  • Help in treating nausea and morning sickness during pregnancy, nausea following chemotherapy, etc.
  • They help in treating cough, bronchitis, inflammation of the mouth, etc.
  • They help in lowering blood cholesterol and regulating blood pressure.
  • They help reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Herbal teas are excellent in managing diabetes.
  • They detoxify the body.
7. Herbal teas are fantastic for your skin and hair.

Herbal teas are terrific to keep you young and energetic. They have loads of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties that keep your hair shiny and strong, and skin healthy and glowing. They also protect the skin internally from environmental pollution. Few top herbal drinks recommended for enhancing beauty are rose tea, spearmint tea, hibiscus tea, minty lavender tea, calendula tea, horsetail tea, chamomile tea, dandelion tea, etc.

Wrapping up

As evident from above, herbal teas are a unique class amongst beverages and function as a cornerstone in your physical and mental well-being. Brewing a soothing cup of herbal tea makes a delicious and healthy addition to your lifestyle. It’s a must-try for everyone.


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