6 Stylish Eyewear Trends You Should Know About

6 Stylish Eyewear Trends You Should Know About

For most fashion lovers, eyewear is one of the must-have accessories. Investing in a pair of eyeglasses for better visual ability or sunglasses can be very beneficial fashion-wise.

Eyeglasses and sunglasses are like face jewelry in the sense that they complement your look and bring out the hidden unique personalities in people. With a wide range of frames to select from, eyewear becomes an interesting field of fashion to venture into. A new, trendy, and classic pair of glasses can refresh your look and add some oomph to your overall appearance. Here are some of the trending eyewear styles you may want to learn more about.

1. Vintage, Large Round Glasses

Vintage round glasses are hitting the eyewear fashion world very hard. This frame has gone from a classic official everyday pair to relaxed weekend wear. Whether they are shimmering metal round glasses or polished acetate glasses, vintage round glasses are dope. From a recent review of blue light glasses by FinVsFin.com, we can tell that these glasses are available in a wide range of styles and materials for the frame as well. Nonetheless, the specific feature may vary slightly depending on the brand. Sharp, angular facial features are most suited to this trend, but round facial features can also dare to make a plain fashion appearance by adding glasses to their look.

2. Stylish Clear Eyeglasses

There is something about clear glasses in both the glass and the frame that makes them admirable when worn with any outfit. Eyewear is meant to complement the fashion you are trying to uphold with your other clothing. Most fashion designers have caught something in this clear eyewear that the ordinary person cannot comprehend. We are just left amazed at the magic these glasses can do. The universality of these glasses makes them wearable with any outfit whether casual or official. For as long as your clothes have a certain sense of fashion, then these clear glasses will for sure work the magic with you. They blend in with whatever design you have in your closet.

3. Thick Rimmed Glass Frames

Designers never fail to amaze the world with their creative ideas and design inventions. These particular glasses have been shown on top of lists of the most trendy eyewear because of the sense of geometry they guess. One might say the one who came up with the idea must have been a lover of math at one point in their life. The most prominent is the Ellis eyeglasses, which have a hexagonal cut, and the Hudson-shaped glasses which have smoother corners. The main characteristic that is most profound and the reason they have appeared on this list in the first place is the thick rims that they possess. The look is supplemented by the color included in the rims which range from bold, bright, and a mix of colors. They are made to perfectly fit any face whether rounded or squared.

4. Bright and Translucent Glasses

This particular design is common with ladies. This is because as far most of the frames, in this case, are either pink or purple. This eyewear is characterized by brightly colored yet translucent frames. The glass itself is a little bit bigger than the usual glasses we are used to. The difference between these glasses is the color that is integrated into the frame. What is common to all is that the color is bright so that the frame remains translucent, maintaining this distinctive characteristic of the glasses. Once you have this pair, expect glances from every corner as the frame is too good to ignore.

5. 70’s Oversize Square Glasses

Square lenses never seem to get off the trendy list. If it’s not something new with square lenses, then something vintage will cut. One of the designs that have been around the trendy list these glasses with the retro-vintage vibe signified by the oversized proportions. The main feature is the oversized square lens held by a very thin frame. The lens ranges from complete squares to gently rounded shapes. These glasses will make you look fashionable with minimal effort. Since the design is from the late ’70s and early ’80s, wearing them with some high-waisted denim flares, a huge t-shirt, and a scarf will make the look a complete vintage.

6. Thin and Lightweight Gold Rimmed Glasses

If you are looking for a touch of professionalism, these will do. The main idea here is the lightweight metal frame. Any lens shape you choose will be admired regardless. Some have a double-bridge between the golden lenses, making you look like the celebrity you ought to be. If you are looking for professional-looking glasses, then these will do the trick.

The right choice of lens and frames go a long way in complementing your sense of fashion. If you are in the UK and looking for stylish eyewear there are many online eyewear stores to choose from.


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