5 Tips For Nailing The Cool Dad Style This Summer

(Main image: Jonathan Francisca)

A Quick Guide to Cool Dad Style

by Sherryn De Vos

Guys, you’ll be happy to hear the dad look is totally trending for 2020. “Dad bods” are in, dad jokes are actually fun again and the cool, hip dad look is making a huge comeback for summer 2020.

We’re loving the comfy, relaxed look that is coming out this year. The combination of COVID lockdowns and working from home has definitely flipped up the fashion world, and a more “behind the keyboard” look is coming out. This is naturally great news for dads all over the world who like to express themselves through their outfits, but need to be ready to live the busy life that comes with being a dad.

So what is in? Think loafers, sneakers, comfortable slacks, and printed tees. It is time for the dad to start feeling comfortable in his own skin, while reflecting his personality through his style.

So, what is in for 2020 and what can you do to change up your style this year? We took a look.

We Will Sock You

We warned you about the dad jokes.

Gents, you are going to be really happy to hear that statement socks are all the rage this year. Bright, colorful, patterned socks are the absolute must adornment for your feet. Not only can you pair these statement socks with your jeans, sneakers, and shirts, but you can rock the look at work too.

Suiting up is always a classy affair, but adding a splash of color in will transform your look into the ultimate outfit for 2020. What is great about the socks is that you can pair them with any color suit, so even if you are wearing black and white, or even navy and tan, these socks can really shake things up.

If frequent sock shops seem like a boring mission for you, why don’t you sign up for a sock subscription? You will be sent the latest in sock trends every month, keeping your look fresh and updated.

It’s the Printed Tee’s Knees

(Image: Frame Kings)

Printed tees have popped back up just in time for summer. What we love about printed tees is their adaptability and the fact that you can wear them almost anywhere. In fact, take a look at some of the trends that our favorite celebs are pulling off.

Just take a look at David Beckham, or even Eminem, who have paired their printed tees effortlessly with well-fitting jeans or skinny-legged track pants.

Whether you are tributing your favorite band or artist or rocking a cool work of art on the front of your shirt, you can’t really go wrong with a printed tee. Make sure it fits you well and isn’t too baggy. You can also create a half tucked in look, or wear it casually over your jeans. If you want to try out a different look, roll the sleeves up to around your biceps for a casual, indie look.

Linen Shirts and Bermuda Shorts

If this doesn’t scream summer, we don’t know what will. Linen shirts are one of the best items to convey a sense of snappy style and elegant class. Not only are they really easy to pull off with the right pair of pants, but they are breathable and cool, so you don’t need to suffer in the heat of summer.

The long sleeves can be rolled up into the classic ¾ length on really hot days, which gives it a bit of a more styled look. You can opt for the really low neckline, or keep the shirt unbuttoned to your chest.

Linen shirts can be matched up with jeans, chinos, or even the classic Bermuda shorts. Just make sure that you are not pairing similar colors. Offset a crisp white shirt with denim, navy, or even cream. Navy linen shirts look great with cream pants, or even over lighter jeans.

What Shoe Talkin’ About?

(Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay)

Loafers are the absolute must-have item for any shoe closet. They are comfortable, they are classic, and you will look like you have stepped straight off of the big screen.

Loafers can be paired up with most outfits, but if you are looking to finish off your linen shirt-short combo, the loafer is your absolute must. Tan, cream, and brown loafers should be a staple in all closets as they bring an elegant finish to a look, and you will be able to rock that “just off a yacht” look for the rest of summer.

If sneakers are more your style, why don’t you invest in a good pair of sneakers? The classic white look is very much back and can be matched up with a pair of skinny-legged jeans and the printed tee.

Brands have also been outdoing themselves recently with unique looks and you can see some of the freshest looks on your favorite celebs. So, keep a lookout for what Drake, Ryan Reynolds, and John Mayer are rocking!

Watch Your Style!

Gents, you don’t need to overdo it with accessories. In fact, a simple neck chain and a watch is usually the go-to for most men. But, as with shoes, a watch is an item that you should take a little more time picking out and investing in.

In fact, before going out to buy a watch, do a little research into the different types of watches available and decide what you want to go for. Do you want a classic mechanical watch that you have to wind yourself, an automatic, or a quartz? Do you want to ooze personality with a dive watch or rock a dress watch with your suit?

Lastly, consider the branding. Your luxury watches could set you back a decent fortune, but they are made to last for decades and add a definite je-ne-sais-quoi to your look. In fact, most of these watches are the final stamp of class and elegance on your look, so take your time picking one.

Last Thoughts

Pulling together the ultimate summer outfit doesn’t need to be a daunting task. With this year’s focus on comfort, it is up to you to add those certain little accents and features to your outfit. Whether it be rolling up your sleeves to a three-quarter look, half tucking your linen shirt in, or leaving a few buttons open on it, you will soon start to establish your own style.


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