Welcome, Level 1 VIP!

We’re excited to have you as part of our new Level 1 membership, with a lot of cool new stuff to come in 2022, like Level 2.

(When it launches, you’ll be able to upgrade for a pro-rated fee, if interested. Yep, we’ve got you future-proofed, so pop on those wraparound sunglasses. )

Let’s Get Started

FWO currently offers discount codes to open-to-the-public shows, as well as “behind-the-scenes” information about how fashion week works.

Most of the big-name industry shows are still reserved for members of the press. But you can find out more how to apply for some of those here.

Open-to-the-public tickets go on sale 4-6 weeks before major fashion weeks (currently the “Big 4” in February and September, plus sometimes in July for Miami).

There are two ways to find the open-to-the-public discount codes: on our schedules (see main Schedules menu on the website, then look for the items in green), or listed in your VIP portal.

Questions? Suggestions? Message us anytime.

With love,