Exclusive Interview with Donna Karan and Deirdre Hade: Healing the Spirit

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FWO Interviews Deirdre Hade and Donna Karan

Introduction by publisher Pablo Starr

Quite possibly, one of the best aspects of the modern spirituality movement is an acceptance of the notion that — much as in fashion — one size does not fit all. Nor does it need to. After all, there are a number of wonderful spiritual systems to choose from. For some, maybe it’s Paramahansa Yogananda’s fusion of Hinduism and Christianity. For others, a 12-step program, or maybe books like The Power of Now, The Secret, or The Four Agreements. And then, of course, there are ancient spiritual systems like Zen Buddhism, Kabbalah, specific methods like Reiki, Qigong … the list goes on and on.

Donna Karan and FWO's Eila Mell

Donna Karan and FWO’s Eila Mell

Not everyone likes to wear the same types of clothes, watch the same types of movies, or eat the same types of food. And as we grow, our tastes also change. Why would we expect spirituality to be any different? Is it any surprise that some convert to Christianity, Islam, or Judaism, switching spiritual paths to uncover truths most relevant to them at a given stage?

Maybe it’s a bit like Karan and Hade say in this interview (excerpted above: the full interview will appear in RNWY magazine this September). It’s about the “AND.”

It’s about the “AND.”

Spirituality and our “normal lives” don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Far from it. Unfortunately, spirituality is often something we don’t think about until things go wrong. But as Deirdre Hade says in this interview, having a “spiritual bank account saved up” helps us “meet life,” just as it enriches every day we spend on this planet.

Eila Mell and FWO/RNWY had the rare privilege of meeting with Donna and Deirdre at Karan’s Urban Zen Center, to discuss these two luminaries’ spiritual journeys, and talk about Deirdre’s book, The (not so) Little Book of Surprises, created with her husband and graphic artist Will Arntz.

The full interview will appear in RNWY magazine this September.

Until then, please enjoy the video excerpt above.

The full interview will appear in RNWY this September.

We also encourage you to check out the amazing work being done by Urban Zen.

One of its most interesting and ambitious projects involves broadening the current healthcare paradigm, with a special blend of integrative therapy that involves yoga, Reiki, nutrition, and even essential oils.

And lest you think the world isn’t ready yet, Urban Zen Integrative Therapy has already had success at top-tier health care outlets from Beth Israel Medical Center to UCLA.


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