Young NYC Designer Monisha Jeraldin Showcases Modern ’60s Inspired Collection

New York City Fashion Designer Monisha Jeraldin, 24, sets out for Paris City Fashion Week to show her modern take on the American ’60s fashion era.

She utilizes colorblock schemes and pop looks that accentuate the new generation.

Her collection features the summer color palette in cute matching sets and bodycon fashion dresses. The inspiration of the collection comes from her love for colorblock and 60s fashion. “I love how 60s mod fashion had that simple silhouette and was all about bright colors playing with each other to compliment the woman in the dress,” said Jeraldin. “I do not have a company like others here but showing my personal collection, in Paris, is a dream and an accomplishment.

Monisha Jeraldin

Photos: Laurent Thouvenin @laurent_thouvenin_photographe


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