Interview with Tina K. Patel of Beach Muscle Co

Body positivity is a hot topic these days, and with good reason. The focus on fashion and fitness has been moving steadily away from unrealistic beauty ideals to a sense of self love: both inside and out.

Beach Muscle Co — led by fashion designer and athlete Tina K. Patel (@tinakp_) — is one of those businesses leading the charge: designing fashion-conscious fitness wear with a brand that encourages positive thinking, respect, and a sense of limitless possibilities.

As we head toward the most body-conscious fashion event of the year — Miami Swim Week in July — we had the pleasure of interviewing Beach Muscle Co founder Tina K. Patel, an athlete as well as a fashion designer, to learn the story behind her brand.

Q: Tell us about yourself and how you got started in your business, and what led you to create Beach Muscle Co?

Fitness has changed my life and provides me with discipline.

As I was growing up, I loved art and being creative, but I was also very active and enjoyed sports.

After graduating, I landed my first career break at Walt Disney World in Florida, while studying at University of Central Florida, which was a game changer for me professionally.

I created Beach Muscle Co to combine my passion of fitness and fashion to make a positive impact in communities globally.

In my view, no matter what path life has taken us on, we are limitless: as long as we work hard, have respect, and hold a purpose to add value in our journey.

no matter what path life has taken us on, we are limitless

And do it in style, of course!

Q: What is Beach Muscle Co? What do you offer, and what makes it different?

Beach Muscle Co is a fitness clothing brand.

The current original collection for men and women is designed with comfort in mind, incorporating a simple yet stylish cut and finish for a stunning fit.

I always struggled to find gym wear that is stylish, good quality, yet comfortable to work out in. It’s always a compromise.

Beach Muscle Co provides a solution for those who also find themselves compromising while shopping for gym wear. After all, new gym clothing fuels motivation, because when we look great, we feel great.

when we look great, we feel great

But it’s just as important for clothing to be designed to work out in.

Our new collection for men and women is currently being designed and I’m excited to release the collection soon!

Q: What is the mission of Beach Muscle Co?

Beach Muscle Co exists to make a positive difference to global communities through our passion for fitness and fashion. Our core values consist of Hard Work, Respect, Purpose, and In Style.

Q: Are you ready for Miami Swim Week? What other markets are you looking to penetrate?

I have some of my best memories in Miami and I can’t wait to tune in to Miami Swim Week: not just because I love the positivity and energy in Miami, but to see the artistic influences in the swimwear collections and be inspired.

Right now, Beach Muscle Co is very much focused within the fitness wear market, but for the future, who knows!


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