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Paris Editor Gabriela Billini
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Raider of the Lost Art: We Visit Master Hatmaker Eric Javits

Hats Off: Eric Javits’ Fall 2016 Collection

(Photo: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for Porter)

lady-gaga-by-inez-van-lamsweerde-vinoodh-matadin-for-porter-magazine-2-summer-2014-1There’s a growing movement in the world of style — from “fast fashion” to investment-worthy threads in apparel and accessories. Which leads us to consider that not too long ago, an outfit wasn’t quite complete without the addition of a hat. In an age where accessorizing is so essential, it’s peculiar that the hat has fallen off along the way.

Not too long ago, an outfit wasn’t quite complete without the addition of a hat.

Master milliner Eric Javits has been in the business for more than 40 years. He’s dressed countless celebrities since then in his hats, handbags and shoes, including Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, and just a whole bunch more. His hats have been featured in hundreds of editorials in Vogue and Vanity Fair, and — most importantly — on stylish women across the world.

Far-Flung Style

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On a recent Saturday, we went to visit with Eric Javits himself, at his Chelsea showroom.

Eric Javits’ latest collection takes on a bit of a world tour, with pieces that could prepare a woman to conquer at almost any conceivable occasion: from horseback riding in the Pyrenees, to playing the winning hand at a casino in Istanbul. Think of this as a James Bond-style adventure, with a key role reversal. (Our publisher’s favorites were the Satin Turban, the Velvet Napoleon, and the Persian Beret.)

… from horseback riding in the Pyrenees, to playing the winning hand at a casino in Istanbul …

One can also find gorgeous “Russian” fur hats with an exotic chin strap, or a classic fedora with a bit of a wider brim and a dose of exotic skin. Javits excels at bringing traditional styling with a wondrous new twist.

The Fall Collection

[portfolio_slideshow id=13867 align=center width=699 click=advance thumbnailsize=40 showcaps=true]

Adding a hat to an outfit exudes sophistication and good taste. If our counterparts in France invest time in a great hat, why shouldn’t we? An evening gown is no prerequisite to donning a great headpiece. All that’s required is great style and good care for creating a “look.”

If our counterparts in France invest in a great hat, why shouldn’t we?

In the collection, special occasion pieces can also be found for those noteworthy occasions in the season such as weddings, galas, and fashionable parties. (Javits also designs a range of handbags in rich colors, mainly leather, and at times beautifully embossed.)

fw5_23829_hilsey_honey_altOne of our favorites is the wide-brimmed rain hat, which is completely collapsible, and pops right back into shape, making it perfect for travel.

When was the last time you wore a hat? It might be about time.


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