Interview: Fernanda Sosa and Elsa Fernanda Cardenas of FS Models World

Fernanda Sosa and Elsa Fernanda Cardenas

Fernanda Sosa and Elsa Fernanda Cardenas are the founders of the Miami-based model agency, FS MODELS WORLD.

As an agency, our main focus is to redefine beauty by discovering models that break societal stereotypes. Each talent adds to the element of art meant to imbue the craftsmanship behind our partners in the art, fashion, and beauty disciplines. FS MODELS WORLD serves as the voice of each model in their own journey in the world of fashion and beauty.

Q: When did you start FS Models?

FS Models started in Latin America with its founder Fernanda Sosa; model, actress and a degree in psychology in the year 2014. With her experience and training her discovery of new faces made FS Models spread quickly abroad, working with models around the world including in Milan and Paris.

Q: Why did you decide to start FS Models?

Through the experience Fernanda Sosa had as a model and as Miss Atlantic Uruguay, she decided to invoke her knowledge into finding the next generations of fashion models.

This year in Miami a new alliance was formed for FS MODELS WORLD with Elsa Fernanda Cardenas (degree in public relations) and Fernanda Sosa. Both of our objectives is to take FS MODELS WORLD international with innovative ideas, and setting trends within the industry.

Q: Why did you choose Miami to take FS Models World into an international platform?

We chose Miami because we both live here, we know the city very well, and we felt that Miami had everything we needed for our agency to be successful.

Q: What are some plans you have for the future of FS Models World?

Our plans with FS MODELS WORLD is to grow globally, to have diversity in our agency with our models and influencers.
For that we will carry out a casting this September 20th at SLS Brickell (1300 S Miami Ave). Anyone who wants to be part of it can send us an email to

We are organizing a great fashion show to launch our agency in the month of November with our official Miami FS Models World. Soon we will be present at New York Fashion Week, we were invited by some designers to see their shows and partake in the setting of new trends and be able to get to know the international market.

Q: What do you attribute your success to?

We attribute our success to our innovative minds, we like to have new ideas, our staff is built by young talents who always have ideas that we love. Breaking standards and stereotypes, believing in visions of the new millennium makes us successful.

Q: What are some goals you have for the agency?

Our main goal is to be a visionary company, aiming for diversity and breaking beauty standards. Fashion is an art and we create art, so we are prepared to receive all our new talents who want to be part of our staff.

Q: What other cities are you planning on expanding in?

First we plan to settle here in Miami and then we have plans to open our offices In cities like New York, Los Angeles, Milan and Madrid.

Q: Will you guys be present at New York Fashion Week?

As we mentioned before we will be part of the NYFW in September, we will be meeting new fashion firms, new models and we have various meetings about different interesting projects that are coming soon.

Q: Are you currently looking for new models?

We are looking for new faces, models and influencers alike.

Working with influencers is a very important aspect of our agency since we live in a millennial era where it seems that models and influencers can promote their image through social media.

Q: What are some upcoming events for FS Models?

Some of our upcoming events are the casting for new faces on September 20th, and hold our grand fashion show to launch our agency, coming in November.

Q: What is unique about FS Models?

FS MODELS WORLD is an innovative agency, we are different cultures, we carry different experiences in the world of fashion. We know that we can give fashion a lot of innovation, by uniting cultures.

Q: How does your business give back to the community?

Our goal at FS Models World is to collaborate with non profit organizations and charities. Since we are very committed to the community we´d like to see that through fashion we can help those who need it most.

Photographer: Tom Almeida @tomalmeida.staf
MakeUp: Joice Mua @joicemua
Assistant: Marcia Mello @808.mar.sea


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