High-Fashion for High Stakes

High-Fashion for High Stakes

If you have ever visited a casino, whether that be your local city casino or Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco, you will probably have noticed that the casino staff are always dressed to impress. Their sophisticated attire is a way of adding to the occasion and patrons’ experiences.

Casinos want to provide a luxurious and elegant atmosphere, sometimes to match the grandeur of the building and setting. And keeping a strict dress code is one way to do just that.

How does a blackjack dealer need to dress?

Blackjack dealers are expected to dress in fashionable attire when they host different online blackjack tables. Even if the casino itself doesn’t have a strict dress code for patrons to enter, the dealer will almost certainly be required to dress in sophisticated and suave attire themselves.

This usually involves a suit and shoes for men, accompanied by a bow tie or tie, which may include some of the casino’s branding or name. Female dealers are usually required to wear a black dress or black pencil skirt with a white or black buttoned top. Some establishments will require the dealers to wear white gloves at all times. And in modern times, they may be required to wear a face mask to keep themselves and everyone else safe.

Blackjack dealer fashion and online casinos

Online casinos are exceptionally popular because they enable players to enjoy games from the comfort or convenience of any location. They’ve been bolstered by the emergence of live dealer games. These are games where the dealer provides the game streamed from a game developer’s studio in real-time and thus somewhat bridges the gap between online gaming and an actual casino visit.

You may be wondering if blackjack dealers are held to the same standards when providing an online casino service. When some gamers are undoubtedly playing blackjack in their underwear on the sofa, is it necessary to hold blackjack dealers to the same dress-code standards? The short answer is yes.

All of the great casinos – and even the not-so-great online casinos – will still require the dealer to be dressed to the nines when providing their service from a studio. This is because playing casino games should give a feeling of luxury, elegance and sophistication. It is part of the overall experience, and slacking off the dress code would detract from such experiences for the gamer.

Are there any exceptions to the rule?

There may be limited exceptions to this rule. Sometimes blackjack and roulette live dealer games have been created in specific niches, often referring to countries or places. For example, you may be able to play Rio De Janeiro roulette or Paris blackjack. In these games, the dealer may be required to dress like a local of these places. The dress code strays away from the typical suits, pencil skirts, and bow-ties in these instances.


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