The Fashion Diary NYFW Live Instagram Chat/Q&A

    February 17, 2021 all-day
    The Fashion Diary NYFW Live Instagram Chat/Q&A
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    Tune in New York Fashion Week on Instagram Live @thefashiondiaryshowroom Wednesday, February 17, 2021, 7:00pm for a live chat/Q&A with local & national Designers.

    Dominique (Dom Yvonne) Martin is a luxury designer specializing in high-end street apparel. Located in Los Angeles-Las Vegas

    Frank G Ballard (Kwaku Demba AnansiK) KA88 Fashion is a modern day aboriginal style apparel. Originated in Bronx, New York. Created with style and mobility comfort. Made to enlighten the aboriginal youth of true culture and spirituality.

    Sherwayne Mahoney- THINGS II COME is a new, exciting, bold and glamorous luxury brand that embodies the dreams and mindset of its Founder, and Creative Director. Based in New York City. Things II Come aims to create the best detailed and most elegant designs in Italian-made women shoes and men sneakers.

    Stephanie Renee (Passley Collection)- A luxury brand that features bold designs with a twist of sophistication, Located in New York City.

    The Fashion Diary is an online showroom for Independent Creativity, Style & Passion and New York Fashion Week platform. Our aim is to increase exposure and sales for independent brands locally and globally.

    During the live chat and Q&A we encourage you to ask questions and post comments in the chatbox.


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