HappyFish in Wonderland by Sami Chen

    September 9, 2018 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

    RSVP: simmons.jon@SanbarPerformance.com

    “HAPPYFISH BY SAMI showing in her 3rd season at New York Fashion Week, following her two season premiere with Rolls Royce, comes from the creative inspiration of lead designer Sami Chen. Sami learned her trade at Shih Chien School of Fashion in Taiwan and has been designing womenswear since childhood. In addition to being an internationally recognized fashion designer, Sami is also an accomplished concert pianist and has won many competitions since the age of 5. “Happy Fish by Sami” was inspired by and symbolizes the joy and freedom associated with her designs along with her state of mind. As a bright star of the new fashion world, Sami’s smile and uplifting demeanor is not only evident in her creations, but also her personality. Sami’s gowns and dresses are meant to make its wearers feel free and elated in all ways possible.

    The inspiration for this season is Wonderland and the bravery of a young girl to explore the beauty of a world previously not known to her. A world where reality and dreams converge as we all jump down the rabbit hole to experience the wonder of imagination. Prominent colors this year are Blue for bravery, Red for passion and White for purity of heart.

    This show by Happy Fish is something that must be seen and experienced.”