FASHINNOVATION: Where Fashion and Technology Connect

    February 13, 2019 all-day
    FASHINNOVATION: Where Fashion and Technology Connect
    Open to the Public

    FASHINNOVATION, a platform where fashion and technology connect with a mission to inspire and share knowledge in the fashion, entrepreneurship and technology sectors, is hosting the second edition of its semi-annual conference on February 13, 2019. The all-day red carpet event takes place during NYFW at one of the city’s premiere venues, Tribeca Rooftop, and features panels, live performances, installations, displays, and aims to “humanize homelessness” with the launch of a book titled: It Can Be You by The NYLON Project.

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    Panel topics include fashion tech innovation for retail, manufacturing, production, design, textiles, blockchain, customization, sustainability, augmented reality and more. Other discussions focus on women empowerment, entrepreneurship, and even a Twitter-based elevator pitch competition. Featured guests, panelists and moderators include: Eno Polo, CEO, Havaianas, Michael Ferraro, Director of FIT’s Infor Design & Technology Lab, Ryan Leslie, Co-Founder, SuperPhone, David Meltzer, Host of Entrepreneur.com’s “Elevator Pitch”, Renata Black, Co-Founder, EBY, Mark Price, CEO, FIREWIRE Surfboards, Lilian Liu, Manager of Partnerships, UN Global Compact, Gonzalo Pertile, Sustainable Director, J. Crew, Giulio Bonazzi, CEO of Aquafil, Ivan Poupyrev, VP, Google Jacquard, Carolina Wang, Co-Founder, EatGoodNYC, and Paul Dillinger, VP and Head of Global Product Innovation, Levi Strauss and more.


    Diandra Barnwell

    Welcome Breakfast/Registration: 8 AM

    9 AM:
    PANELS Begin

    9 AM – 9:20 AM:
    Opening Remarks:

    Jordana & Marcelo Guimaraes, Founders of FASHINNOVATION

    UN Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals: Innovation to Win Challenges in the Fashion Industry:

    – Lilian Liu – Manager of Partnerships, UN Global Compact

    9:20 AM – 9:50 AM:
    Disruptive Fashion & Advanced Technology: The Future of FashionTech Today – by Levi’s & Google:

    – Paul Dillinger – VP of Innovations, Levis
    – Ivan Poupyrev – VP, Google Jacquard
    – Michael Ferraro – Director, FIT Infor DTech Lab (moderator)

    9:50 AM – 10:20 AM:
    Fashion Designers and Innovative Supply Chain. New Technologies to Manufacture & Produce Faster – Scaling the Business & Traditional Practices:

    – Zack Hurley – Founder, Indie Source
    – Gus Bartholomeu – Co-Founder, SupplyCompass
    – Alana Tummino – Sr. Director, AS/COA (Moderator)

    10:20 AM – 10:50 AM:
    Coffee Networking Break

    10:50 AM – 11:20 AM:
    “Humanizing Homelessness” – #ItCanBeYou – Using a voice in the arts/fashion to give a face to homelessness. Powered by: “The NYLON Project”:

    Opening Piano Performance by Singer/Philanthropist: DeeMo

    – Jason Naylor – Creative Director/Artist
    – Veronika Scott – Founder, Empowerment Plan
    – Nadya Rousseau – Co-Founder, Alter New Media
    – Braylen Brooks – Influencer/Model, The Real Life Mannequin
    – Jordana (Founder of TNP – moderator)

    11:20 AM – 11:50 AM:
    Women Empowerment & Fashion Tech Style: Innovative Brands, Conscious Design & Social Impact Entrepreneurs:

    – The Female Quotient: Opening Remarks & Moderator
    – Niki Srinivasa – Designer
    – Billie Whitehouse – Founder, WearableX
    – Ruth Degolia – Founder, Mercado Global

    11:50 AM – 12:10 PM:
    The Latest Research & Innovation in Textiles – Starting w/ DNA in Cotton to Implemented LED Lighting:

    Fireside Chat
    – Sean Cormier – Assistant Chair, FIT Textiles Dept – Opening Remarks and Moderator
    – Constanza – Designer/Founder, Constanza+LAB

    12:10 PM – 12:25 PM:
    Surfers and Entrepreneurs: “Take your surfboard to the beach & surf in the waves of innovation & design”:

    Fireside Chat:
    – Mark Price – CEO, FIREWIRE Surfboards
    – David Meltzer – Host, Elevator Pitch by Entrepreneur.com (Moderator)

    12:25 PM – 12:45 PM:
    FashionTech Start-Up Pitch, Hosted by David Meltzer (Elevator Pitch/ Entrepreneur.com):

    Companies presenting:
    – Matias Gath – Co-Founder & CEO, eSTYLAR
    – Alek Safar – Founder, MirowTech
    – Romi Faylo – Founder, F.F.P Textile Revolution

    12:45 PM – 2 PM:
    Lunch Cocktail Networking:

    – Authentic Greek Cuisine by Vernon Grille
    – Fashion Installations by Imi By Imogen Evans and Constanza+LAB
    – Red Carpet
    – Pop-Up/Displays

    2 PM – 2:25 PM:
    HAVAIANAS: Sandals Trending in the Summer and Winter Months. How innovation plays an important role in maintaining retail seasonal year round:

    – Eno Polo – CEO, Havaianas
    – John West – Founder, Scraffic (Moderator)

    2:25 PM – 2:40 PM:
    Circular Economy, Recycled Materials and Sustainability in Fashion:

    Fireside Chat
    – Giulio Bonazzi – CEO & Founder, Aquafil
    – Natasha Berg – Founding Chair, Oceanic Global

    2:40 PM – 3:10 PM:
    Designers, Creatives and Innovators –
    The “Multicultural” Fashion Community:

    – Carolina Wang – Co-Founder, EatGoodNYC
    – Emily Brickel Edelson – Co-Founder, Chic Sketch
    – Imogen Evans – Designer & Founder, Imi by Imogen Evans
    – Rayhan Perera – Founder, Runway Moda (Moderator)

    3:10 PM – 3:30 PM:
    Networking Coffee Break

    3:30 PM – 4 PM:
    Customizing the Consumer Experience Via a Digital Fashion Platform: Connecting and Co-Creating wth Innovation:

    – Jennie Baik – Founder, Orchard Mile
    – Alfredo Orobio – Founder, AWAYTOMARS
    – Nina Farran – Founder, FASHIONKIND
    – Greg Reynolds – Executive Director, Skookum (Moderator)

    4 PM – 4:30 PM:
    Sustainability, Social Responsibility & Radical Transparency: A Movement for Social Good in Fashion and Empowerment to Communities Around the World:

    – Kohl Crecelius – Founder, Krochet Kids/Known Supply
    – Gonzalo Pertile – Sustainable Director, J Crew
    – Carrie Phillips – Partner & Co-Founder, BPCM (Moderator)

    4:30 PM – 5 PM:
    Marketplace, E-commerce, Digital Platform: Technologies in Fashion Connecting Businesses Online and Offline:

    – Simon P. Lock – CEO, ORDRE
    – Sydney Sherman – CEO & Co-Founder, Faire Inc.
    – Cormac Kinney – CEO/Founder, Flont
    – Rafael Lourenco – EVP, ClearSale (Moderator)

    5 PM – 5:15 PM:
    Networking Coffee Break

    5:15 PM – 5:35 PM:
    My Fashion AVATAR – Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality. Innovating & Enhancing the Shopper Experience:

    – Adam Gam – US Chief Marketing Officer, PerfectCorp
    – Jaclynn Brennan – Founder, Creative Duality & Commercial Director, eSTYALR
    – Rob Tankson – Founder, PrestoDoctor (moderator)

    5:35 PM – 5:45 PM:
    Opening Remarks: Celebrities/ Influencers in Fashion. The Story Behind the EBY Fashion Brand:

    – Renata Black – Co-Founder, EBY

    5:45 PM – 6:10 PM:
    Celebrities/Influencers in Fashion – Innovating Relationships with Brands:

    – Yuli Ziv – CEO Influencer Division, LAUNCHMETRICS
    – Christian Oth – Photographer
    – Alexandra Dieck – Influencer, LexiconofStyle
    – Ruben Ochoa – Principal, DisruptivAgency (Moderator)

    6:10 PM – 6:30 PM:
    Keynote Closer:

    The 5 “F’s” Inside & Outside of Fashion: Faith, Follow-Up, Follow-Through and Finish:

    – Ryan Leslie – Founder, SUPERPHONE

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