September 12, 2017 – September 13, 2017 all-day
    AMCONYC shows

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    Maj Designs | Sept 12 | 2 pm

    Designer Jamie Johnson is from Anchorage, Alaska. Learning from her mother how to read cut and sew patterns. Jamie quickly moved on to amending those patterns and eventually to designing her own. There became such a demand for her custom dresses that she opened a custom dress shop in Anchorage, AK and there MAJ was born. Johnson will be debuting her newest collection this fall under AMCONYC. | RSVP Here

    KLÄD Apparel | Sept 12 | 5 pm

    KLÄD Apparel was founded in 2012 by head designer, Melanie Trygg. The AMCONYC Shows will be KLÄD Apparel’s first East Coast runway presentation, with a departure from the more formal event-wear pieces of collection’s past to a fresh perspective on luxe loungewear! KLÄD Apparel revolves around a sincere appreciation of the human body and what clothing can do to enhance it’s natural beauty. | RSVP Here

    Zula Studio | Sept 12 | 8 pm

    Zula Khramov is the creator of ZulaStudio, a high end women’s clothing line, launched in 2007 and immediately recognized by the fashion community. ZulaStudio designs high quality clothes for the modern woman who is sexy, sophisticated and feminine. She appreciates the exquisite detail, rare technique and hand work in a striking silhouette. | RSVP Here

    Bradelis New York | Sept 13 | 2 pm

    Designer Akiyo Hirakubn born in Osaka, Japan, started Gold Flag Ltd. in 1991. Today, the brand boasts 16 stores in Japan, 3 in NYC, and 1 in Taiwan. The company designs, manufactures, wholesales, and retails lingerie products. Hirakubo will be debuting her latest collection this fall under AMCONYC. | RSVP Here

    Nicole Bell Designs | Sept 13 | 5 pm

    Founder and designer Nicole Bell will be debuting her newest collection on September 13, 2017 during fashion week with AMCONYC. This collection is a further exploration of what it means to be a woman of the 21st century, transforming what women want, who they are, and what they need to feel like the best version of themselves. | RSVP Here

    Atelier Kate | Sept 13 | 8 pm

    In creating this company, founder and creative director, Katherine Tramposh, set out to create a company she would be proud to call her own. The heart of the brand comes from a deep desire to empower not only the women that wear her clothing but the planet that supplies the tools, the people who create the garments and the communities that each live in. Looking good and doing good are now synonymous because with Kate, you can trust that the clothes you live your life in are grown organically for the betterment of our environment. | RSVP Here