Eccentric Ways To Dress Up for a Theme Part

Eccentric Ways To Dress Up for a Theme Part

Have you ever wanted to go all out for a theme party? Well, now is your chance! Here is a compilation of some of the most creative and exciting ways people dress up for theme parties.

From wearing costumes to dressing like celebrities, there are all sorts of ways to make your costume stand out from the crowd. Read on below to see the top picks for eccentric outfits.

Dress for the Season

A theme party is a fun way to let your fashion sense shine, and you can dress up in an eccentric style if it fits the theme.

For example, if the party is a black-tie event, wear any formal dress in your closet or pick one up from somewhere like Bebe for women or Nordstrom Men’s Shop for men. Another great option is to rent a tuxedo online and skip buying an expensive new suit just for this occasion.

If the party’s theme is a masquerade, wear all black and cover your face with a mask. For men, this might mean wearing an ivy cap like in Shakespearean times or tying up their hair at the back of their head to keep it out of sight. Women can wear loose braids or opt for something more ornate such as a lace mask over their eyes.

Pair Accessories

Pairing accessories can be a difficult decision, especially when the theme of your party is not clear yet. First, look through all your options and try to make connections between them. Are there any that look like they could go together? If so, this might be the best route to take for now. Then, once you know what the theme will be, decide which pieces will work best.

If there are no apparent connections between your accessories and a particular party theme, don’t lose hope just yet! There are still plenty of ways that you can dress up for your next big bash without having something readily available in mind.

For example, if you have a few pretty long necklaces, try wearing them all at once for an exciting look. Or pick out your favorite pair of earrings and wear those with everything else so they can be the main attraction! Also, consider accessories like hats or scarves to keep warm while still adding some fun flair.

Have a Face Beat Before the D-Day

Having a face beat before a party is a good idea. It helps you get into the spirit of things and allows you to feel more comfortable in your costume or outfit. However, there are so many ways to go about it when it comes to doing a face beat.

Some people have their way, some like other’s ideas better than theirs, and then some go with the flow of everyone else. But, no matter how you decide to do your face beat, it is a great way to get into the spirit and enjoy yourself at any party or event, no matter what theme it is.

People who like to do a face beat themselves will usually have their ideas of what they want and how they will go about it. Just because you choose not to copy someone else does not mean that your way is any less eccentric or creative than theirs; remember, no one ever said there was only one right way.

The whole point of your face beat is to have fun and get into the spirit, so do not worry about whether you think it’s strange. You can also choose to use simple face paint ideas as per the theme and type of celebration. So be open-minded and embrace different styles and choices.

Some people like to go with the flow of those around them when it comes to their face’s beats; after all, they may be nervous that what they are doing will make others laugh at them instead of having a good time. On the other hand, it is lovely if you are having a good time and people around you seem to be taking the same idea in stride, then why should it matter what others think?

The only thing that matters when doing your face beat for any event is whether you enjoy yourself and have fun with others who share the same love of whatever the theme may be.

Let Your Hairdo Match Your Outfit

Having the right hairdo can do wonders for your look, and it’s not as much of a hassle to maintain if you choose one that fits in with what you plan on wearing. If dressing up is part of an event like a Halloween party or masquerade ball, try different looks before settling on one!

Dress Comfortably

If you want to dress up for a themed party but still be comfortable, consider wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts. Add your favorite set of pajamas underneath if it is cold outside, or layer them over the top if you are going somewhere warm.

For men who need something more professional, it can also work with jeans instead of sweats. Another great option is wearing a costume and adding other elements of your typical outfit as accessories. For example, you could wear the same pair of jeans but add some fake blood or dirt to them for an edgy look that still feels like yourself.

Make Props Part of Your Ensemble

If you are hosting a theme party, having the right props is critical. The best way to get started is by picking an easy theme, like a masquerade ball or carnival. Once you have the general idea of what type of party it’s going to be, start planning how you’re going to dress up for this night out on the town.

There are so many ways that you can make props part of your ensemble. You can buy a mask or make one yourself with some construction paper, tape, and glue. Another option is to drape a scarf over your head like you’re wearing a turban. If the theme requires something more flashy, consider using feathers as hair extensions.


There are so many ways to turn your wardrobe into a fabulous costume. If you’re going for something super simple, try putting on an accessory that is in line with the theme of your event and then pair it up with regular clothes. Or, if you want more than just one ‘themed’ outfit, wear each themed piece throughout the night. The key is to have fun with it and break out of your comfort zone!


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