XB OFCL by Brandon Sun | New York Fashion Week: Men’s

Entitled “Intentions Shatter,” this second collection from New York City transplant Brandon Sun reflects the concept of narrative contradiction prompted by his abrupt move to Los Angeles early last year.”

XB OFCL by Brandon Sun | NYFW: Men’s

Within a time of global discord and sudden change, one finds new opportunities to rethink one’s ideas. Sometimes the outcome to our actions is uncontrollable – despite our purest intentions.

In a raw reconstruction of active menswear, Brandon draws continuity and clarity in the chaos by using the simple Japanese knot, which binds panels of lightweight nylon in his military-inspired trench coats, track pants, and quilted bombers. The bold and simple knots symbolize a connection that in essence ties people together. The same knots appear on stripped poplin, French terry casual hoodies, pullovers, and the denim 5-pocket jeans which speak to the underlying need for comfort during extreme times of change.

Throughout the collection, military colors and symbols are contrasted with staunch Punk anthems set against poetic flower pins, symbolizing such classic anti-establishment ideas as resistance and love. The pins are a collaboration with photographer Aldo Carrera and can be seen strategically adorned on lapels, collars, pocket flats, and denim waist bands.

In moments of unexpected change, chaos and desperation, new ideas will always arise. Reflection along with intelligent reaction will lead us to find peace and beauty in a life that at first just seems as if it’s only falling apart.


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