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What a Virtual Reality Fashion Week Might Look Like

Imagine being the only person in the front row at your own personal fashion show. With Virtual Reality Fashion Week, the future might be able to provide us with a whole new type of fashion show. What would this fashion week look like? Let’s delve into the world of technology to find out.

Front Row For Everyone

One of the benefits of a completely VR Fashion Week is that everyone will be in the front row and they will feel like they are the star of the show. Everyone will have the ability to experience what it is to be one of the reporters or fashion gurus who gets a front seat. It will also give the ability for everyone to attend fashion week. No longer is fashion week only accessible to those who can afford a ticket and flight.

Take The Show Off The Catwalk

It’s time that you take the show off the catwalk. With a virtual reality fashion show you can film anywhere that you can take your virtual reality cameras. That means you can have a fashion show full of mixed locations and add more spice to a design. Show off the latest swimsuits at the beach or athletic outfits at the gym.

This would be a big change for many traditional fashion catwalks, but one that has been on the way for a while.

Less Mishaps

Runway mishaps at Fashion Week might be scarce but they do happen. Most of the time the model attempts to play it off and disguise it as part of the show. Sometimes there are last minute problems with an item. With a virtual reality fashion show, walks down the runway can be recaptured, resulting in less mishaps.

Choose What To Watch

Don’t want to watch all of the looks during the fashion show? With a virtual reality fashion show you could skip back and forth to the specific segments you want to watch. They can even be digitally tagged so you can go straight to them without having to fast forward or rewind.


A virtual reality fashion week would likely be used with cell phone-based virtual reality headsets such as the Samsung Gear VR or Samsung HMD Odyssey. By aiming to use the cheaper, more available VR devices, a virtual fashion week can reach out to more people. Only serious gamers and digital fiends have the stronger, more expensive devices such as the Oculus Rift.

Part of creating a virtual fashion week is to get it out to more people, and as such aiming for the more affordable devices is logical.

Fashion Week Is Already Headed That Way

Many fashion designers are already using virtual reality technology in order to display their fashion. It allows you to see a larger show room and see how a piece looks on different models. More and more different uses have been found for virtual reality in the fashion world. The next logical step is to take full shows to the virtual platform, via channels like RNWY.

Cost Is Minimal

Virtual reality equipment has already seen a drastic plunge in terms of price, all the equipment is affordable and would be minimal. Overall you won’t need to rent out facilities, pay for food, or anything else. Individual fashion designers can even film their own sections anywhere they want.

Models won’t have to travel far and designers that couldn’t normally afford to be part of the show could participate.

Most importantly, you can get a Google Cardboard for only $20 and other cellphone-based VR devices are similarly affordable. That makes it easily accessible to anyone with a smartphone device.

VR Fashion Week is coming, and it is coming soon. It may not be here this year but it has been inevitable since the first fashion designer started using VR. People are demanding access to the industry that affects them so much and this is a great way to help connect people to fashion.