CHULO Underwear WINTER HARVEST F/W 2018: A Sexy Show for Charity

    February 9, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
    CHULO Underwear WINTER HARVEST F/W 2018: A Sexy Show for Charity

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    CHULO Underwear is a charity clothing brand that is only 30 months old, but it has already staged four successful NYFW shows as fundraisers including our most recent one that appeared on the official fashion week calendar in the fall of 2017.

    CHULO is comprised of volunteer artists and educators who hope to make fashion fun and profitable for marginalized communities. Our mission as a company is to inspire young people to invest in a brand that invests in them. Each time a young person buys a product, s/he has an immediate and direct impact on his/her own community because we reinvest all of our proceeds back into local CBOs, scholarship programs or charities that service these very same youth. To do this, CHULO partners with local community centers to identify, educate, train, and ultimately hire young people ages 17 to 26, the lost ages of marginalized youth, to be part of the CHULO design team as artists, designers, writers, promoters, vendors and/or promotional spokespersons.

    On Friday, February 9, 2018, from 7 pm to 9:30 pm, CHULO will once again stage its NYFW fashion show, WINTER HARVEST F/W 2018, as a fundraiser. All ticket sales and raffle sales will be donated to charity. Our shows are fun and sexy and light and airy, but the work we do and the money we raise is used to do some wonderful things.

    Our show is open to the public. Ticket sales are handled by Eventbrite, and we courteously invite any of your staff to come as VIP guests. All ticket sales are donated to charity, so you know. Tickets are available at:

    The show will be hosted by the glorious Museum of Sex.

    This super sexy and provocative show will be a celebration of culture and beauty and love and charity with celebrity models, guest performers, a raffle, vendors, fundraising, community activists and leaders, indigenous artists, and two, yes, two hot and yummy runway shows.

    The VIP meet-and-greet begins at 7 pm. General Admission starts at 8 pm. The pre-show will feature Caribbean-inspired menswear. The main show will feature the super-friendly and the amazingly-sexy models of CHULO Underwear who will be packing the heat and bringing it onto the runway on this cold winter night.

    Ticket sales, raffle receipts, and vending profits will be donated to CHULO Underwear’s community partners. To find out more about the brand and the charitable work it does, please visit

    Press and buyers may contact Ricardo at for special seating and admission.

    This event is listed on the official NYFW calendar and is open to the public as a fundraising event for charity. VIP and General Admission tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite.