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*WILL VOLUNTEER to shoot/walk last min OK!* Indian, Spaniard & Caucasian. known for my piercingly beautiful hazel eyes, VERY LONG natural eyelashes & REALLY long legs. I can pass as a platinum blonde or a dark brunette with my skin & have. high cheekbones, full lips & thick hair naturally. I am available to walk/shoot for any designer for NYFW (years of experience first as a dancer on stage my entire life, then commercial print/editorials/runway/shoots all kinds/tv commercials/music videos) I used to get Indian bridal couture + other shoots, but indian went ethnic dark skin so I exp a lull. Now it's back=my look. I can walk in anything- huge Indian outfit to a bikini -no culture restraints. bust32waist23hips34 5'9 100lb -Monica